The Basics of Drain Cleaning

clogged-kitchen-sinkAs a homeowner one of the best things you can do for your interior plumbing is to make sure that you are staying up to date on your drains. Drain cleaning, just like any other home maintenance task, is something that really only comes to mind when a problem presents itself. However, if you do regular upkeep on your drain you will be able to save yourself time, money and headache in the future. If it has been a while since you have properly cleaned your drains, we have a couple things to keep a lookout for. If you see any of the followings in your home, it is time to get your drains cleaned.

  1. Clogged or slow draining: Obviously if your water will not drain you need to address the reasons causing this problem. This is a common problem in bathrooms and kitchens. Things like hair, grease, and even soap build up over time to clog your sinks. If this problem is not addressed you can have standing water in your sink and pipes, causing unhealthy living conditions and rust or other types of damage to your plumbing.
  2. Unusual or bad smells: When you are by your drain does it smell foul? Food, hair or even small rodents can get trapped in pipes. A plumber may be necessary to help you clean out your drains and get them functioning again.
  3. Overflowing: If your sink or toilet is overflowing and cannot be stopped it is time to immediately call a plumber. When this happens it is usually the result of a large clog that cannot be reached by normal consumer products like plungers or small drain snakes.

If any or all of these conditions apply to things that you are seeing in your home, it is a good idea to call a plumbing company. The good news when it comes to drain cleaning is that it is usually a quick and easy fix when you have the right tools. For a free quote on your drain cleaning needs please call Plumbing Utah at 801-601-1298 today.

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