Why you should hire a local plumbing company?

Local-First_UtahOften times people are faced with a decision. Should I go with the larger national brand or should I go with a local company? Just like any decision, there are usually pros and cons to either decision. Here are some reasons to hire a local plumbing company that is headquartered in your neighborhood.

You keep dollars in the community

According to our friends at Buy Local First Utah, four times more money stays in the local economy when you shop at a local brand instead of going to a large national retailer. This really goes to help everyone and keeps the local communities strong and thriving. In fact, we believe in what Buying Local First Utah stands for so much that we have recently partnered with them to do our part to help the local market.

Local plumbers have more at stake

When it comes to customer satisfaction local plumbers have more at stake than the larger companies. As is the case with a lot of local businesses, a good portion of the customers that come through the door is the result of word of mouth. This means that a local company will do almost everything in their power to keep people happy. One customer that walks away dissatisfied has a far larger impact on a local company than the big chains. This is good news for you because it means that all of you needs are being taken care of when you work locally.

Your dollars do more good locally

We have always preferred local vendors and partners. That is because we know our dollar counts for more when we do business in the local community. Often times with a local company you as the customer are helping to keep food on the table and the bills paid. To us, that has a lot more significance than buying from a large brand where your dollars are just going to help the CEO build another mansion on the beach.

One final thought

We don’t have anything against large brands or national chain stores, but we always prefer to do business locally when we have the option. It is important to us as members of the community that we help keep Utah’s local business market alive and thriving.

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