How to find an emergency plumber in Murray Utah

utah-toilet-repairBy now the first thought that comes to mind when dealing with an emergency plumbing issue is to search in Google. That is quite honestly your best bet in this day and age. However, you should take the time to do a little research to find the right plumber, even if you are dealing with an emergency it will be worth your time, in the long run, to not just go with the first plumber to answer the phone.

Take time to look at the plumber’s online reviews

If you search for an emergency plumber in Murray Utah, chances are you are going to see three results in Google maps. Take a look at the average score in the rating area. It is a good rule of thumb to look at plumbers who have a great average rating, and the most ratings as well. If you cannot find a plumber with good ratings than Yelp or even KSL are also great resources to find a plumbing company that has customer service that meets your needs.

Other key items to look for in an emergency

Find a company that is bonded, licensed and insured. Do a little research to make sure that you are dealing with an actual plumbing company and not just a freelancer. We have nothing against small businesses, but when dealing with a huge problem or emergency you want to make sure the people you call have the full resources necessary to fix your problem the right way.

Find a plumbing company who is open 24 hours and is local to Murray. Any plumber who says that they deal with emergencies should have an after-hours hotline that will allow you to speak with a professional right away. It is a good idea to take note of local places that are open on holidays because you never know when you might be dealing with an overflowing toilet or emergency drain cleaning that has to be addressed.

Get a solid price point that you understand and agree with. If you speak with a technician get a quote in writing. Even though you are dealing with a crisis you should not have to pay more than the services is worth. If you can it is always a good idea to call a few places to make sure that you are not being unfairly charged for labor.

We hope that an emergency plumbing issue never happens to you or your family, but if it does know that Plumbing Utah will be there for you every day of the year.


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