Common tools used for leak location services in Utah

Leak location tools and equipment

leak-location-plumbing-tools-utahProper leak location comes down to just two things. The first is to have someone who has experience looking for the telling signs of a leak. This includes noticing things that other people might miss, even if they are around the leak every day. Common signs include feeling moisture on your walls, floors or in your cabinets. Other signs are not so obvious and include looking for mold, sinking fixtures or hidden damage that can be hard to spot. The second key to leak location and prevention involves using the best tools available. Every great plumber should have the following tools and equipment in their arsenal.

Leak detection tools for Utah plumbers

Advanced listening equipment. A leak may be occurring behind the walls, under the floors or even under concrete in your backyard. Listening devices are basically like a high powered stethoscope for your house. When properly used a technician can detect even the faintest noise of leaking water. This is especially helpful if you suspect your water or sewer main may be leaking outside of your home.

leak-location-plumbing-tools-utahVideo inspection equipment. Plumbers will often use cameras that are set on the end of flexible rods and send them down your pipes. Doing this will allow the technician to see any internal wear and tear. They will also be able to see minor and major clogs so that they can easily and efficiently clean out your drains. Doing this will also help to troubleshoot and prevent any leaking that you might have as a result from the clog.

Electromagnetic pipeline locators. As we all know, pipes are not always made of metal, and they are not always inside your home. An electromagnetic locator is basically a set of antennas that send out signals of electrons back to the plumber. This lets the plumber be able to find your pipes, even the ones that you might not even know existed. This is an essential tool to find underground pipes in your backyard made from PVC.

Leak detection company Utah

This is just a basic rundown of common tools so that you can understand a little more about what a plumber is doing when they service your home or business. We have always believed that the more information we can provide to our clients, the happier they are going to stay in the long run. If you have any further questions about plumbing tools or equipment please let us know in the comment section below.

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