What are the most Common Plumbing Problems?

common-plumbing-problemsMany plumbing problems are a result of inexperience which leads to work and installations being done incorrectly. Below are three things every homeowner should keep an eye out for because they are the most common issues we run into out on the field.

  1. Constant leaking problems: This is the #1 most common problem that is a result from incorrectly installed plumbing. Leaks can arise from poor workmanship, improper parts or materials, and poor-quality materials. These problems can progress to leaking and possibly even water flooding at various connections. Bad caulking or using cheap caulking on toilets, sinks, and fixtures will also lead to leaks. If the plumber installed the incorrect pipe sizes, it will also lead to high, or low pressure in your home or business. These and many other factors could possibly trigger leaks as well as many additional troubles.
  2. Insufficient hot water: Here’s trouble that comes from either improperly sizing the water heater, the piping to and from the water heater or fixtures, or possibly corrosion. Many factors go into determining water heater size including average water usage, time of usage, the number of taps, the number of people, etc. This is something a licensed professional plumber can easily determine for you.
  3. Clogging sinks: Piping in a home must create an easy flow for wastewater that collects at the sewer line out to the street. If your drainage is under or oversized this can create problems. Another thing your plumber can inspect is the condition and slope of your pipes and fittings which can interrupt the liquid flow and make it easier for sinks, toilets, and various drains around the house to clog, and may lead to serious plumbing problems. Roots in your main sewer outside your home or business could be compromising your drainage system. If you notice anything suspicious with your drains it is highly recommended that you call a local plumbing company to have a sewer or water main camera inspection.
  4. It is always best to prevent problems before they begin

    Start off your plumbing installation right: with trained, skilled, and licensed experienced professionals handling the job. Your home or business plumbing is a vital system that directly affects your health and comfort. Plumbing problems are never fun to deal with. It is understandable to want to try and save money when an issue arises. However, saving a little by hiring a freelance handyman is a risk, one that could result in enormous costs as time goes by. Remember that getting proper plumbing for your home or business is not an area where you should be cutting corners. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office to speak with a professional today.

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