Dangers of polybutylene piping and fittings

Polybutylene piping has a very high rate of failure under normal operating conditions that you use every day. Yet it is sometimes difficult to tell its failing until a major problem occurs. When a polybutylene pipe begins to leak, it usually happens very fast. It’s been weakened over years of use, and the entire pipeline becomes fragile in the process. Once one leak occurs, it usually multiplies rapidly, sending leaks and water throughout the system. Therefore many of the leaks may not be contained in one area of your home, they can quickly escalate and be found in many areas of your home, causing floods and water damage. If a pipe bursts or you notice any leaking or corrosion quickly find the water shut off in your home/business and shut the water off and call a local plumber immediately.

What is polybutylene piping?

Polybutylene piping is a form of plastic piping and was commonly used for plumbing U.S. homes and businesses built between 1978 and 1995. Due to its inexpensive production cost and ability to withstand high water pressure, it was widely seen as a better, cheaper alternative to copper plumbing. Unfortunately, it was later discovered that this type of plastic reacts negatively to water-soluble oxidants (like chlorine) and over time will deteriorate, flake and become damaged
Why you should get your polybutylene pipes replaced.
The dangers of polybutylene piping are well known throughout the industry. So much that the insurance industry has started canceling or refusing policies for houses or businesses with polybutylene problems. It can also be hard to market a house with polybutylene piping and will likely drop the value of the home on the marketplace.
How to get your pipes replaced in no time!
pipeIf you think you have a home or business where polybutylene piping was used, the best way to find out the condition of your plumbing system is to schedule a detailed plumbing inspection of your property and find out what condition it is in. Call us today. Plumbing Utah LLC, we are a fully licensed, professional, reliable plumbing company that can fix any piping problems you might have in your home or business, Plumbing Utah the right way

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