Is your plumbing lead free?

Many of our customers are not aware that up until 2014 the amount of lead allowed in plumbing fixtures by the EPA was still 8% for pipes, fittings, and valves.  Lead proposes potential health hazards that you can learn about by visiting the EPA’s website.  It is fantastic to know that as of 2014 the Safe Water Drinking Act has been amended to have water fixtures be virtually lead-free.  As we have seen in different parts of the country residents are dealing with a water crisis, take Flint Michigan for example.  A large factor that affects the quality of your home’s drinking water supply has to do with the age of your fixtures and piping.

How can you make your home or business lead-free?

lead-free-plumbing-fixturesA great thing that you can do is to make sure that your home’s water is getting properly filtered. This can be achieved by installing a high-quality filter on all of your faucets, particularly in your kitchen where you drinking or using the water to cook with. Another option that can help your family’s water supply become lead-free would be to install a whole home water filtration system like a Halo or similar product.

Ask your plumber about lead-free piping and fixtures.

If you live in a particularly older part of Salt Lake City or if you happen to live in an older home you are going to want to evaluate the quality of your home’s water. If a technician does come to service your home we would encourage that you ask them about the lead in your home’s water system. It is not uncommon to ask your plumber to see the packaging of the pipes and fittings they use to ensure that they do not have higher that acceptable standards of lead.

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