How can you tell if your sewer is clogged?

Problems with a sewer line are unfortunately some of the most expensive plumbing issues homeowners face. For the most part insurance companies do not cover sewer main repairs. Most cities deem it to be the responsibility of the homeowner to repair a broken sewer main. This is undoubtedly a stressful situation to be in. In order to mitigate the potential damage a clogged sewer main can cause it is important to see the warning signs before things get worse. If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your piping it is essential that you call a sewer repair plumbing company right away.

How can you tell if you have a sewer clog?

clogged-sewer-mainThe biggest thing to understand is that your homes internal drainage system is all connected. This means if you have a clogged line it is likely to surface in several areas throughout your home.

Look for thing happening outside the norm.

Toilets: You will most likely to notice problems with your sewer main by paying attention to what happens when you flush your toilet. Clogs usually surface themselves by either not allowing the toilet to flush or the backup will come up through the lowest point, usually a shower or tub drain.

Run a sink: Find a sink that is close to the toilet and let the water run for a minute or so. If you have a clog it will usually affect the toilet. Notice anything that is out of the ordinary, things like the toilet water bubbling due to trapped air from the clog. It is also common to see the water level in the toilet bowl begin to rise.

Washing Machine: People who have never dealt with a clogged sewer line may not realize that running your washing machine will show signs of a clogged pipe. When the washing machine drains it can cause your toilet or shower to overflow. This may be signs of clogged sewer main or similar problem.

Other Concerns: Don’t take any warning sign lightly. Make sure you keep an eye open for spikes in your water bill, low pressure, and unusual sounds or smells. It may not always be easy to know what it is causing the problem but if you stay on top of things it should be pretty easy to spot the warning signs.

Most reputable plumbing companies should be happy to come to your house and provide a free estimate. If you are experiencing any of the situations described above it is in your best interest to call a local plumber right away.

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