Is it time to get a new water heater?

Most water heaters last 10 to 15 years depending on the model and the level of sediment present in your water system. If you maintain your water heater properly you can add years to the lifespan of the unit. The unfortunate reality is that regardless of how well you maintain your unit it will eventually need to be replaced. Below are some of the warning signs that you can keep an eye out for. Although these may not mean that you will absolutely need a replacement if you see anything below we recommend calling a water heater repair plumber to address any issues.

  1. High levels of sediment in your hot water. We recommend regularly flushing your water heater from the attached hose bib. Caution must be used when performing this task as the water coming out will be extremely hot. Examine the water if it looks or smells rusty and metallic it is a sign that your water heater is failing.
  2. Unusual sounds during operation. It is normal for your water heater to make noise as it heats water. When sediment has built up you can expect to hear a loud popping or rumbling noise. This is another sign that is it time to have your unit looked at by a professional.
  3. Water collecting around the heater. As we all know, metal expands when it is heated. Sometimes micro-fractures will expand when the water is heating causing leaking to occur in the tank or at connection points. Leaks get worse over time if you notice any water collecting call a plumber to fix the issue before it is too late.

Stay on top of your water heater needs.

Water heaters are no different than any other appliance in your home. If you properly maintain your unit then its productivity will be high and it will have a longer lifespan. Regardless of how well maintained something is it will eventually shut down and need to be replaced. When that time comes you can count on the professionals at Plumbing Utah to get the job done the right way on any water heater repair or installation job.

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