How can you tell if your house needs a repipe?

The largest indicator that your house may need a repipe simply has to do with the age of your home. If your house was built during or before the 1970s and hasn’t been remodeled before, it is highly likely that certain areas have been compromised due to age. Plumbing standards have changed and better material has been made available for home building. Older homes were built with galvanized steel or worse yet, polybutylene piping. The issue with both materials is that they age and corrode faster than copper which is not the industry standard for most home repiping plumbing companies.

So how do you know if you need a repipe?

copper-piping-home-repipe-slcTake a look at the water pressure in your home or business. If there have been issues like low water pressure then there is a good chance that your pipes have corroded and filled with sediment like rust restricting water flow. Think of your house as a person. Corroded and clogged pipes restrict water flow just with an unhealthy person’s arteries can become clogged and cause problems.

The water looks and smells funny. Older homes were built with material that is more susceptible to bacterial build up. We have even seen homes that have lead in the water supply due to the type of pipes that were used for construction. An experienced plumber will be able to test your water for condiments and be able to recommend the best course of action to keep your family safe and healthy.

Visually inspect your pipes. Older pipes should be easy to spot. Look for signs of leaking for and foremost. Other signs that your home is due for a repipe include warped or misshapen pipes, flakey pipes that appear to be rusting, and cracked pipes that have either burst due to pressure or have broken down to due wear and tear.

What are the costs associated with a repipe?

The unfortunate news is that repiping services are not cheap. A good ballpark to start with a 1500 square foot home would be between $8000 – $10,000 dollars. Obviously, the price can change depending on the location of the pipe, the square footage of your home and the accessibility of your homes piping system. It is impossible to know exactly what it will cost to repipe your home without a professional technician coming to look at things. If you suspect that it might be time for a whole house repipe call Plumbing Utah today at 801-601-1298 we are happy to send out technicians to provide a free estimate.

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