How can I tell if my drains need to be cleaned?

drain-cleaning-services-utahMaintaining your drain lines is an important part of being a home or business owner.  If your pipes and sewer system is not regularly maintained it will eventually back up and become clogged.  The typical suspects for the bathroom is hair and soap buildup.  In the kitchen, most of the clogs are caused by food and grease.  One important aspect to remember is that your home’s piping is all connected.  If you have more than one drain clogged or even draining slowly it is a strong sign that your sewer lines have become clogged.

Multiple clogs happening at once can lead to larger problems, including flooding.  If you have drains that are clogged it is important that you do not use any water in your home until you have a drain cleaning company come look at your situation.  Most people know to not flush your toilets during this time, but you should also avoid running your sinks, dishwasher or ever your laundry machine.  Many of these activities need to dispel multiple gallons of water, you don’t want that backing up and flooding your home during the night.

Another warning sign you have a clogged sewer drain is when your plumbing fixtures begin acting strangely.  Remember everything is connected and when there is a clog water and waste have nowhere to go.  If you flush your toilet and your bathtub starts emitting water or waste from its drain you have a clog.  Water tends to accumulate and show itself at the lowest point so sinks and showers in your basement is a good place to look first.  Another example is when you run your washing machine and your toilet backs up.  Keep a lookout for these abnormal behaviors especially if you suspect that you have a clogged drain.

Methods to cleaning your drain.

There are several methods to cleaning out a drain, your drain cleaning plumber should determine the best solution based on the severity and location of your clog.  The most common method is to physically remove the clog by means of using a drain cleaning machine.  If the clog is deep within your piping or particularly difficult it may be necessary to do a camera inspection to locate the clog so that it can be removed.  Another method that will help with smaller particle, grease and grime buildup is using a chemical treatment.  This is kind of like super Drano and should only be administered by a professional.

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