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How can you tell if your sewer is clogged?

Problems with a sewer line are unfortunately some of the most expensive plumbing issues homeowners face. For the most part insurance companies do not cover sewer main repairs. Most cities deem it to be the responsibility of the homeowner to repair a broken sewer main. This is undoubtedly a stressful situation to…

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Toilet maintenance tips and advice

Owner Brandon Taylor is here to give some basic toilet maintenance advice. Below is a video detailing some simple things that you can check to make sure your toilet is functioning properly. By periodically lifting the lid of your toilet and checking the back components you can greatly reduce your home's water usage.…

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How to Prevent Leaks in your Home

When it comes to leaks, prevention is always preferred to fixing the problem after the fact. If you are experiencing a leak the best course of action is usually to shut-off your main water valve. This will help stop the leak immediately, this is will turn the water off to your house, which…

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